Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Selecting an Indoor Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Rabbit Run.

Selecting an Indoor Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Rabbit Run.

An indoor rabbit hutch will be familiar to most people; a wire cage on top of a plastic base. This type of rabbit hutch is usually only really suitable for baby rabbits; they are generally too small for a grown rabbit to be healthy if spending any length of time in them. They may be suitable if your rabbit spends most of its time in an outdoor rabbit run or is a house rabbit with freedom to roam and only uses its rabbit cage for sleeping.

When buying an indoor rabbit hutch you should also think about where you are going to put it, how easy it is to get your rabbit in and out of, whether the hutch is ‘mess proof’ and how easy it is to keep clean.

Buying a baby rabbit and an indoor rabbit hutch.

Remember that if you buy a baby rabbit and an indoor rabbit hutch, babies don’t stay babies very long. You will probably be best advised to invest in a larger rabbit hutch from the start, rather than have your rabbit out-grow its hutch after a couple of months.

Like cats, rabbits can be litter trained to keep the rabbit hutch cleaner and easier to keep that way. Choosing litter for your Indoor Rabbit Hutch or Cage

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Rabbits and Exercise

You should never keep your rabbits in an indoor rabbit hutch permanently; they need daily exercise, ideally eight hours per day in a large outdoor rabbit run or garden.

When it comes to exercise, rabbits often enjoy running loose around the garden, but unless you can supervise the rabbit there are risks both to your garden plants and the rabbit! An outdoor rabbit run is often a better option.

Outdoor rabbit runs should only be used for day time exercise and the rabbit placed back into its indoor rabbit hutch at night.

Ensure that other pets are not able to frighten the rabbit; cats appear to love to use rabbit runs as a resting place and are greatly entertained by the stress of the occupant.

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Rabbit Hutch:

Rabbit Hutch Vivienda Outdoor One Storey

The small rabbit hutch Vivienda is a fantastic space saving one-story wooden outdoor rabbit hutch with storage space in the roof.

The Vivienda is an ideal outdoor hutch for a small rabbit


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