Rabbit Hutch Outback 2 Storey Apartment

Rabbit Hutch: Outback 2 Storey Apartment
Dimensions: L 175 x W 70 x H 130 cm

Large Rabbit hutch: Outback Two Storey Apartment.

Large yet,space-saving, 2-story outdoor rabbit hutch - perfect for keeping rabbits separated. Easy assembly.

The Outback Two-Story Apartment Rabbit Hutch is a two-story wooden rabbit hutch made with quality workmanship. The hutch is ideal for keeping multiple rabbits separated from one another. Both levels are identically laid out and equipped.

The hutch is divided into two areas and two stories that are connected by ramps. The lower area of each story is connected by an opening

Both rabbit hutch areas can be reached and easily cleaned through a wire door.

Both levels are equipped with a finely meshed, removable floor. A plastic, removable drawer makes cleaning the hutch easy.

The hutch is completely weatherproof due to the special weather-treated wood.


  • L 117.5 x W 70.3 x H 129.5 cm (incl. peak of roof)
  • Roof Height Left: 115 cm
  • Roof Height Right 112.5 cm
  • Inner Passage: 16 x 28 cm
  • Overhang: approx. 6 cm

Size L 118 x W 70 x H 130 cm

RRP: £229.00