Trixie Rabbit Harness XBunny

Trixie Rabbit Harness XBunny

Trixie Rabbit Harness XBunny

Hole-free, adjustable soft rabbit harness for great comfort, includes lead. Neck/chest circumference: 14–19 cm, waist circumference: 25-32 cm.

This novel soft harness will not only bowl you over with its comfortable fit. It will also amaze you with the inlays on the sides where you can stick cool labels/name tags.

The Rabbit harness size can be adjusted with the use of holes both around the waist and the chest area and offers a perfect fit which can be quickly put on or taken off.

The extra soft padding makes wearing this rabbit harness especially comfortable for your pet rabbit without constricting it.

Advantages of the Trixie Rabbit Harness XBunny at a glance:

  • Made from hard-wearing polyester and nylon
  • Extra soft padding makes for comfortable wearing
  • Slots which can hold fun labels
  • Additional nylon belt with click-clasp ensures it won´t fall off
  • Reflective edging for increased safety
  • Adjustable without holes around waist and chest
  • Velcro fasteners make it quick and easy to slip on
  • Elastic lead 1.2 m
  • Hand wash at 30°C

Colour Black RRP: £9.99
ZooPlus £7.99

Colour Red RRP: £9.99
ZooPlus £9.99

Velcro Sticker  RRP: £1.99

Trixie Rabbit Lead and Harness XBunny