Rabbit Food Russel Junior

Rabbit Food: Russel Junior

Russel Junior

High-premium food for young rabbits, supplementing the daily ration of greens.

Russel Rabbit Junior is a carefully selected mixture of tasty ingredients with no artificial colouring. It contains all the vitamins and minerals your pet rabbit needs to stay fit and healthy.

The variety of ingredients in Russel Rabbit Food stimulates natural feeding patterns and makes sure your pet rabbit has plenty to chew nibble and gnaw keeping teeth in good condition.

Russel Junior is a colour-free food for dwarf and young rabbits (8-20 weeks) with smaller pieces than standard dry foods for ease of feeding.

Dwarf and young rabbits have a relatively fast metabolism, so Russel Junior contains higher levels of protein and fibre than standard blends and can also benefit nursing adult females.

 Russel Junior Rabbit Food - 2.5kg  RRP: £9.49
Rabbit Food Russel Junior food for young rabbits