Rabbit Hutch Kerbl Alpine Tyrol

Rabbit Hutch: Kerbl Alpine Hutch Tyrol
Dimensions: L 123 x W 102 x H 125 cm

Rabbit hutch: Kerbl Alpine Hutch Tyrol.

The Tyrol rabbit hutch will make your garden seem as if it is on an alpine pasture!

A separate sleeping area on the lower level can be closed off with a sliding door so your rabbit will be protected from rain and the winter.

The upper level provides even more space and is connected to the lower by an internal ramp.

The balcony is not only charming but also can be used as a hay rack!

Thanks to the unique push-fit assembly system you will find it easy to put this rabbit hutch together and your rabbit will soon have a new home!

Alpine Hutch Tyrol Description

  • 4 doors which can be opened independently
  • Two drawers can be pulled out for easy cleaning
  • Top quality door grille door
  • Adjustable plastic legs
  • weatherproof bitumen roof
  • wood stained with a protective wood glaze.

Size L 123 x W 102.5 x H 125 cm

RRP: £299.00

Rabbit Hutches Kerbl Alpine Tyrol