Rabbit Hutch Outback Double

Rabbit Hutch: Outback Double Pet Hutch 2 Storey
Dimensions: L 125 x W 46 x H 114 cm

Rabbit Hutch: Outback Double Pet Hutch

The Rabbit Hutch Outback is a quality-built two-story wooden hutch. It is perfect for keeping multiple animals separately. Both levels are identically laid out and equipped.

Each level is divided into a fully-enclosed sleeping area and a living area with mesh wire on two sides. These two sections are connected with a small passageway.

The sleeping area is easy to access and clean via the wood door on the front of the hutch as is the rest of the hutch via the mesh wire door. The roof above the top stall can be folded open for easy access from above.

Both levels are equipped with a finely meshed removable floor. A drawer below each level with a plastic basin makes cleaning easy. The hutch is also completely weatherproof due to its tar-paper roof and specially treated wood.

Total Size L 125 x W 45.5 x H 114 cm sloped down to the rear.
Height at front 114 cm
Height at rear 111 cm
Size of wooden doors 33 x 32 cm
Roof overhang sides 4 cm
Roof overhang front 5 cm
Roof overhang rear 1 cm
Thickness of walls 1 cm

RRP: £179.00

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