Large Rabbit Hutch Positioning

Positioning a Large Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch: Trixie Natura

Large Rabbit Hutch Trixie Natura Red and White

Rabbit Hutch Trixie Natura red and white.

This red and white rabbit Hutch, would add a colourful focal point to any garden.

As well as providing a practical and cosy home for your pet rabbit.

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Large Rabbit Hutch Positioning.

You should ensure your large rabbit hutch is raised off the ground allowing air to circulate and preventing surface water from being absorbed into the floor.

Hot Weather

It should also have a waterproof roof, but please be aware that large rabbit hutches can become hot during the summer months and should be sited in a sheltered position out of direct sunlight. Extremes of temperature can cause stress which may result in discomfort or illness for your rabbit.

Cold Weather

Pet Rabbits

In cold weather there must be adequate protection from draughts, wind and rain.

Whilst quite heavy, repositioning your large rabbit hutch can help make the most of winter sunlight.

Place your large rabbit hutch on bricks or legs to avoid it becoming damp during wet weather. Ensure the roof is sloping, waterproofed and overhangs slightly to avoid poor drainage on the top surface.

Rabbit Run: Room To Exercise

You must also provide a rabbit run that allows plenty of room to exercise. Rabbits are naturally frightened of large, open spaces and love playing in a run that contains playthings, such as boxes, flowerpots, drainpipes and logs.

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Rabbit Hutch: Natura 120

Rabbit Hutch Natura 120

Rabbit Hutch Natura 120 with Pitched Roof and Large Pen.

Due to its size this hutch is ideal for keeping pairs or small groups of rabbits.

It includes an enclosed hutch area and large enclosed pen, which accessible by the built-in ramp.

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