Rabbit Food QP3

Rabbit Food: Mucki QP3

Mucki QP3 Rabbit Food

QP3 rabbit food from Mucki is a complete food with a high percentage of fibre and an rabbit optimal pellet shape which aids dental abrasion. Contains healthy dandelion and ribwort.

MQP3 complete food for rabbits contains all the nutrients an adult rabbit needs. Packed with natural ingredients and with a high percentage of fibre (22%) for a healthy digestion, this food is grain-free.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids keep the fur and skin healthy and soft.

The pellets have been specifically developed for rabbits. They are rectangular with approx 11 mm diameter and up to 40 mm long so they cannot be eaten whole. Your rabbit will have to work a bit harder to munch these delicious pellets and in doing so, it will reduce the length of its teeth. This way of eating is similar to your pet’s natural feeding habits.

 Mucki QP3 Rabbit Food 1.275 kg  RRP: £4.99
 Mucki QP3 Rabbit Food 3.5 kg  RRP: £12.99


Alfalfa (min. 31%), flax fibre (min. 15%), apple pomace (min. 15%), wheat semolina bran, oat husk bran, potato protein, yeast, natural cellulose powder, dandelion (min. 2%), ribwort (min. 2%), calcium (mono calcium phosphate), linseed.
Additives per kg: Vitamin A 14350 i.U., vitamin D 950 i.U., vitamin E 45 mg, copper (copper(II) sulphate), pentahydrate 19.67 mg, calcium propionate.

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