Rabbit Hutch Kerbl 4 Seasons Small

Rabbit Hutch: Kerbl 4 Seasons Heat Insulating - Small
Dimensions: L 130 x W 62.5 x H 110 cm

Rabbit hutch: Kerbl 4 Season - Small.

4-Season small rabbit hutch with warmth insulating walls. For keeping your pet rabbit all year round!.

In the heat-insulating, all-weather rabbit hutch Kerbl 4 Season. your per rabbit will feel just as comfortable in winter and summer as it does in spring and autumn!

The small rabbit hutch with its asphalt roof, 4 cm thick walls and styrofoam insulation, is the best equipped rabbit hutch for cold seasons.

All the elements of the hutch are extremely well crafted from robust, water-resistant material.

In the cold winter months you have the chance to provide your pet with extra protection from the wind and frost, plexiglass panes with air holes can help in this by sliding them into the mesh doors.

The wood in the interior is untreated.

The rabbit hutch also comes with a roll mat to keep the hutch in the shade as well as protecting against the wind.

The three doors are separated at the entrance.

The quiet sleeping area is at the back on the top level of the hutch where your pet can best keep warm. A zinc-coated bowl is also available.

The 4 Seasons Rabbit Hutch provides an ideal home for your pet rabbit all year round.

Size L 130 x W 62.5 x H 110 cm

RRP: £229.00

Rabbit Hutches Kerbl 4 Seasons Heat Insulating