Rabbit Cage Parcour Square

Rabbit Cage: Parcour Square Shaped Run
Dimensions: L 144 x W 116 x H 58 cm

A square shaped rabbit cage or run with run. Made from black coated metal. Easy to fold up.

Rabbits love to nibble at fresh grass while enjoying the sunshine and this square shaped rabbit cage with bars on the top offers them perfect protection against cats and birds. The cage can be anchored to the ground with pegs so it cannot be tipped or pushed over.

There are 2 big doors in the top and on the side as well as hatch with a trap door so it is easy to catch your pet rabbit and you can also add on a further run or hutch.

Dimensions of Rabbit Cage Parcour - available in 2 sizes:

144 x 116 x 58 cm (LxWxH)
RRP: £64..90
Zooplus: £44.90

216 x 116 x 65 cm (LxWxH)
RRP: £94.90
Zooplus: £64.00

Rabbit Cage Parcour Square Shaped Run with roof