Rabbit Food Supreme Science Selective

Rabbit Food: Supreme Science Selective

Supreme Science Selective

Complete pellet food for rabbits with a high fibre content (19%).

Science Selective is a fully extruded complete rabbit food specially developed to counteract selective feeding. Thus it is optimal for picky eaters or recovering bunnies.

  • Science Selective Rabbit incorporates a blend of premium quality raw materials extruded into a highly nutritional and palatable biscuit.
  • Science Selective contains a high level of fibre (19%) to promote gut motility healthy digestion and even dental wear.
  • Science Selective Rabbit Food contains Bio-Moss a prebiotic which boosts immune function aids digestion and improves caecal consistency.
  • The prebiotic acts on harmful gut bacteria allowing the beneficial bacteria to flourish.
  • Science Selective is also well-suited for sick rabbits or rabbits recovering from veterinary treatment. It makes a slow reintroduction of hard food possible so that the interruption of digestive functions remains limited.

 Science Selective Rabbit Food 1.5 kg  RRP: £9.99


alfalfa, soy bean shells, wheat, wheat grist, pea flour, full fat linseed, vitamins and minerals, soy, sugar beet pulp, soy oil, yeast extract, natural aroma, lysine, methionine.

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